Board of Directors

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Swetha Davuluru

Swetha is a senior studying BHP and Finance. She worked as a Commercial Banking Summer Analyst at Wells Fargo and a Pioneer Intern at Deloitte. She will be joining McKinsey & Company as a Summer Business Analyst. Swetha worked with Petals, Ink. within SCI and loved to get to know her client team and learn from their experiences.

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Thomas Jordan

Thomas is a senior studying BHP and Finance. He has had the opportunity to work at Alvarez & Marsal as a CPI Intern, Morgan Stanley as a Business Analyst Intern, and Vector Marketing as an Assistant Manager. He will be joining Boston Consulting Group this summer as a Summer Associate Intern. Thomas’s favorite part about working with his client, The Bearded Bastard, is having the chance to apply skills learned in the classroom to the real world and learning what is expected as a consulting intern.

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Veena Suthendran

Veena is a senior studying BHP and Mis. She worked as a Data Analytics Intern at Facebook and will continue working at Facebook as a Data Science Intern. She worked with four other business students with Agua Dulce. She loved how everyone’s different backgrounds brought different strengths to the table when coming up with a creative solution for the client.

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Ellison Smith

Ellison is a BHP and Plan II junior. She worked as a Biking and Climbing Instructor at Avid4 Adventure and will join Apple as an Operations Intern. Ellison loved seeing an idea on a Post-It note provide a real solution on the company website for Mercedes Flowers.

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Harika Pancharpula

Harika is a senior studying Finance. She worked as an Investment Banking Summer Analyst at Wells Fargo Securities and will join PJ Solomon as an Investment Banking Summer Analyst as well. She worked with Charlotte’s Fiesta Flowers and really enjoyed learning how a business works from the owner’s perspective. Seeing the thought process behind every decision was one of her favorite parts when working with the client.

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Samika Parab

Samika is a senior majoring in Finance. She worked as a Structured Finance Intern at DBRS and will join Bank of America as a Summer Analyst in the Investment Management Division. Samika loved literally smelling the roses while working with Charlotte’s Fiesta Flowers. She saw the tangible impact her work was making and had the opportunity to be physically immersed in the environment of the store.

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Lexi Thorson

Lexi is a Junior studying BHP and Finance. She works as a Tour Guide at the UT Office of Admissions. This summer, she will be a corporate intern at H-E-B. She worked with Museum of the Weird and loved how passionate her team was. They really had the chance to incorporate their ideas into their recommendations.